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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Important General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive exams 2017

General Knowledge questions and answers for SSC CGL 2017 and IBPS 2017. Get free Study material on our blog which is specially designed for SSC CGL aspirants.

1. Father of ecosystem Ecology?
Answer: Eugene P. Odum

2. The largest man made ecosystem?
Answer: Agroecosystem (Agriculture)

3. Ecologically friendly tourism?
Answer: Ecotourism

4. Father of ecology in India?
Answer: R. Mishra

5. The rich source of energy which never causes Air pollution?
Answer: Solar energy

6. Producers which change solar energy into?
Answer: Chemical Energy

7. The total weight of living organisms per unit is called?
Answer: Biomass

8. Farmer’s friend?
Answer: Earthworm

9. Various steps of food chain is known as?
Answer: Tropic levels

10. Many food chains are interconnected to form a network called?
Answer: Food web

11. Growing of green plants along roadsides to reduce noise pollution is called?
Answer: Green muffler

12. World Environment Day is on:
Answer: June 5

13. Ozone Day is on:
Answer: September 16

14. World Forest Day is on:
Answer: March 21

15. World Animal Day is on:
Answer: October 4

16. Environmental planning organization in India?
Answer: NEERI

17. NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) is in?
Answer: Nagpur

18. Father of the Chipko Movement?
Answer: Sunderlal Bahuguna

19. Chipko Slogan introduced by Sunderlal Bahuguna?
Answer: Ecology is permanent Economy

20. Leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan?
Answer: Medha Patkar

21. Molecular nitrogen enters the biological pathways of Nitrogen cycle due to?
Answer: Nitrogen Fixation

22. A Symbiotic Nitrogen fixing bacteria?
Answer: Rhizobia

23. Grassland with scattered trees?
Answer: Savannas

24. Most stable Ecosystem?
Answer: Ocean

25. The least productive Ecosystem?
Answer: Desert and Deep Lake

26. Nutrient enrichment of lake is called?
Answer: Eutrophication

27. Instrument used to measure biomass?
Answer: Bomb calorimeter

28. Instrument for measuring rainfall?
Answer: Rain Gauge

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