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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SSC 2017 Online Quiz for CGL and CHSL 2017 | SSC Test Series 2017

Welcome to Online Portal for SSC CGL CHSL And CPO 2017 all candidates are just need to follow our SSC Portal for Free Study Material and Current Affairs GK 2017. Here we have Free online Quiz and free Online Test Series. 

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1.     US President Barack Obama has ended a two-decade-old 'wet foot, dry foot' policy that allows migrants of a country who arrive in the US without a visa to become permanent residents. Name the country whose residents were benefited by the policy.
a) Guatemala 
b) Mexico 
c) Cuba
d) Belize
Answer : Cuba

2.     According to data released by the Central Statistics Office, the country's industrial production grew by what percent in November 2016?
a) 2.1 per cent 
b) 3.4 per cent
c) 5.7 per cent 
d) 6 per cent 
Answer : 5.7

3.      Which of the following movies won the 74th Golden Globes Best Motion Picture Award in the Musical or Comedy category?
a) Moonlight
b) Nocturnal Animals
c) La La Land
d) Fences
Answer : La La Land

4.     It is in this State Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) touched 900-mark after a gap of 20 years.
a) Punjab
b) Haryana
c) Rajasthan
d) Bihar
Answer : Haryana

5.     Who of the following won the Best FIFA Men’s Player 2016 award?
a) Cristiano Ronaldo
b) Lionel Messi
c) Antoine Griezmann
d) None of the above
Answer : Cristiano Ronaldo

6.     Women weightlifting gold medallists of this country were stripped of the 2008 Olympics titles
a) Russia
b) North Korea
c) China
d) Cuba
Answer : China

7.     Name the country with which India in the recent past signed MoU to construct 3000 rain water harvesting systems. 
a) Myanmar
b) Philippines 
c) Sri Lanka
d) Nepal 
Answer : Sri Lanka

8.     Name the Indian actor who was honoured by the US Embassy to acknowledge his immense contribution to the India-US ties on tuberculosis.
a) Amitabh Bachchan
b) Shah Rukh Khan
c) Akshay Kumar 
d) John Abraham
Answer : Amitabh Bachchan

9.     Name the municipal corporation of Delhi that presented its budget for financial year 2017-18.
a) East Delhi Municipal Council
b) North Delhi Municipal Council
c) South Delhi Municipal Council
d) New Delhi Municipal Council
Answer : New Delhi Municipal Council

10. Name the cricketer who scored a century in his 100th Test match in January 2017.
a) Hashim Amla
b) JP Duminy
c) Virat Kohli 
d) Stephen Cook

Answer : Hashim Amla

1.  The first Buddhist Council was held in the reign of  
A.  Ajatashatru
B.  Ashoka
C.  Kanishka
D.  Bimbisara
Answer: A

2.  Lord Buddha was born in  
A.  Vaishali
B.  Pataliputra
C.  Lumbini
D.  Bodh Gaya
Answer: C

3.  The largest grant of villages to temples and brahmana was given by the ruling dynasty known as  
A.  The Palas
B.  The Guptas
C.  Pratiharas
D.  Rashtrakutas
Answer: B

4.  Adigranth is the religious book of  
A.  Parsis
B.  Sikhs
C.  Hindus
D.  Buddhists
Answer: B

5.  The first President of the Republic of India was  
A.  V.V. Giri
B.  Dr. Radhakrishnan
C.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D.  Zakir Hussain
Answer: C

6.  The French Revolution took place in the year  
A.  1647
B.  1729
C.  1775
D.  1789
Answer: D

7.  Which metal was first used by the Indus people?  
A.  Gold
B.  Silver
C.  Tin
D.  Carlinean
Answer: B

8.  Which of the following regions did not form the part of Ashoka’s empire? 
 A.  Taxila
B.  Kanauj
C.  Kashmir
D.  Madras
Answer: D

9.  The founder of the first Afghan rule in India was  
A.  Sikandar Lodi
B.  Sher Shan Suri
C.  Bahlul Lodi
D.  Ibrahim Lodi
Answer: D

10.               The Indus Valley houses were built of
A. Bamboos
B. Wood
C. Bricks
D. Stone
Answer: C

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