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SSC Recruitment 2017, SSC Announced the Calendar for CGL 2017 and the SSC CGL 2017 Notification is going to release in the month of March...

Monday, 6 March 2017

SSC CGL Online Preparation | Mock Test | Study Plan 2017

SSC CGL Online Preparation and Tips to crack CGL Exam 2017 All latest updates regarding SSC exam 2017 free online test series. There are huge number of vacancies coming in calendar year 2017 2018 so all the eligible candidates are invited to apply for CGL 2017. 

Objective type General Knowledge for SSC CGL 2017

Q. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan was the chief guest of 68th Republic Day celebration. He was the Crown Prince of -

1) UAE
2) Katar
3) Saudi Arabia
4) Bahrain

Ans . 1 

Q. The annual index of Transparency International issued for 2016 placed India in the __________ position with Brazil and China.
1) 30th
2) 20th
3) 40th
4) 35th

Ans. 3
 Note: A major international index of corruption and transparency has placed India on the watch list for its inability to curb mega corruption scandals and petty bribery. The annual index of Transparency International issued on Wednesday for 2016 placed India with Brazil and China in the 40th position.

Q. Who was the head of The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Committee?
1) Rathin Roy
2) Sumit Bose
3) Arvind Subramanian
4) N. K. Singh

Ans. 4

Q. National Youth Festival with the theme Youth for Digital India held at -
1) Ambala
2) Rohtak
3) Noida
4) Gurugram

Ans. 2

Q. Name the Chola ruler who sent an embassy of 72 merchants to China in AD 1077?
1) Rajendra-I
2) Rajaraja-II
3) Kulottunga-I 
4) Kulottunga-II

Ans. 3 

Q. Who among the following gave maximum resistance to the British?
1) Mughals
2) Marathas
3) Rajputs
4) Sikhs

Ans . 2

Q. Who among the following was the first to make use of artillery in warfare during the medieval period in India?
1) Akbar 
2) Babur 
3) Ibrahim Lodhi
4) Sher Shah Suri

Ans. 2

Q. Which one of the following region came under the direct administration of the English East India Company after the third Anglo-Mysore war?
1) Malabar
2) Kanara
3) Travancore
4) Tanjore

Ans . 1 

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