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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

SSC GK 2017 | General Knowledge and Current Affairs Objective type GK

SSC GK and Current affairs 2017 here we have complete guide and study material to crack SSC CGL exam 2017 most of the exams conducted by ssc are online so we also have free online test series for the competitive exam. 

1.       A council of Eight Ministers known as the Ashta Paradhan assisted?
A.      Sher Shah
B.      Balaji Baji Rao
C.       Shivaji
D.      Ahmad Shah Abdali
2.       Lord Buddha made his first sermon at
A.      Sarnath
B.      Pataliputra
C.      Kapilavasthu
D.      Lumbini Gardens
3.       Taj Mahal is on the banks of
A.      Tapti
B.      Ganges
C.      Jamuna
D.      Cauvery
4.       Indian Napoleon was
A.      Chandra Gupta I
B.      Samudra Gupta
C.      Skanda Gupta
D.      Chandra Gupta
5.       Kanishka followed
A.      Jainism
B.      Sikhism
C.      Hinduism
D.      Buddhism
6.       The Mughal Empire reached its zenith of expansion under
A.      Akbar
B.      Humayun
C.      Aurangazeb
D.      Shahjehan
7.       Do or Die slogan is associated with
A.      Mahatma Gandhi
B.      Bala Gangadhara Tilak
C.      Jawaharlal Nehru
D.      Nethaji
8.       The Indian National Congress was founded by
A.      Mahatma Gandhi
B.      Annie Besant
C.      W.C.Bannerji
D.      A.O.Hume
9.       The Civil services in India was established by
A.      Lord Rippon
B.      Lord Dalhousie
C.      Lord William Bentick
D.      Lord Cornwallis
10.   The founder of Portuguese power in India was
A.      Danes
B.      Salsette
C.      Albuquerque
D.      Vasco–da–gama


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    1. No. 9 answer is (d)Lord Cornwallis


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