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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam

SSC CGL 2017 questions asked on 5th august 2017 CGL Tier 1 exam with answers prepare for further exam Get more updates on flip academy and flizzindia
  1. Name the Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog? – Arvind Panagriya (Note– He resigned recently, but will still remain in office till the 31st August 2017)
  2. What is the SI Unit of Force? – Newton
  3. Name the Grandson of Emperor Asoka? – Dashrath Maurya, Samprati & Satakarni
  4. Which dynasty was followed by Tughlaq? – Sayed Dynasty
  5. Which media is stored permanently?
  6. Resistance of Ideal Ammeter & Ideal Voltmeter
  7. Minimum age of Vice President?
  8. India & England match in 2016 held in which stadium?
  9. Which of the following does not form smog?
  10. Pannalal Ghosh is belongs to which instrument? – Flute
  11. Who is the author of the Sellout Book? – Paul Beaty
  12. What is the minimum age for Vice President? – 35 Years
  13. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? – Bindusara
  14. Which dynasty came after Tughlaq? – Sayyid Dynasty
  15. Ekuverin Military exercise between India and          ? – Maldives
  16. Duncan line passes through?
  17. Unit of Pressure? – Pascal
  18. SI unit of work? – Joule
  19. SI unit of force? – Newton
  20. What is Quo Waranto? –
  21. Who is inventor of Laser Printer? – Gary Starkweather
  22. Rusting is process of                        ?
  23. Where is temple of Bhairava? – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  24. Recently USA made which country as major defence partner? – India
  25. Reverse Repo Rate?
  26. How many member nominated by president in lok sabha? – 2 (Anglo Indian Community)
  27. Rusting is the process of….. – Oxidation.
  28. #3. SSC CGL Questions Asked 5th August 1st Shift – English
  29. Synonyms of “Opulent” & “Grotesque“?
  30. Meaning of “Morose“?
  31. Antonyms of “Melany” & “Irk“?
  32. Spelling of “Niece“, “Dictionary“?
  33. Error Spotting “Please don’t cry, I said to him”, “The two man were quarlling with one other”.
  34. One word Substitution “Scapegoat”, “Incorrigible”.
  35. Idioms on “Teething problem”, “To keep wolf away from door”.
  36. Sentence Improvement on “Neither he nor did I”.
  37. #4. SSC CGL Questions Asked 5th August 1st Shift – Quantitative Aptitude
  38. If (cos x)^2 – sin x =1/4, then find sin x?
  39. The marked Price of radio is Rs. 480/- The Shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and still gains 8%. If no. of discount is allowed. Find the gain percent.
  40. The Ratio of Income A, B, and C is 3:7:4 and the ratio of their expenditure 4:3:5 respectively. If A saves Rs. 300 out of 2400. Find the Savings of C.
  41. Diameter is 17.5 cm. If the diameter is reduced to half, the surface the area of a sphere is changed by what percent?
  42. A B and C can finish a work in 10, 12 and 15 days respectively. They start working together if B stops after 2 days, how long will it take for A & C to finish the remaining work?
  43. Two equal Circles intersect at A and B & distance between their centerss is 40 cm distance between A & B is 30 cm, then find the radius of circle.
  44. A vessel contains mixture of milk & water in which water concentration is 30%. If 20% water and 30% milk is taken out & replaced with equal quantity of water then quality of water increases by what % of the initial quantity of water in the mixture.
  45. Average of 19 no. 60, average of first 9 no. is 64 and average of last 9 no. is 56. Then find the 9th?
  46. By selling on article an article a certain price and 170% profit is earned if CP is increased by 20%, then what will be profit?
  47. Simple Interest at the rate of 5% of a sum of money at the end of 15 years is Rs. 250. Less than the sum. Find the Principal.
  48. A boat goes 30 km downstream and 18  upstream in 6 hour again it goes 40 downstream and 20 upstream in   Find the speed of boat?

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